IPL 2024: Shubman Gill Fourth IPL Century and Sai Sudharsan Maiden IPL Century Against CSK

Shubman Gill hit his Fourth IPL Century and Sai Sudharsan hit his Maiden IPL Century against CSK on 10th May 2024 in Ahmedabad on Friday.


On the 10th of May 2024, something remarkable happened at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Friday in an IPL match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The batting duo of Sai Sudharsan and Shubman Gill showcased an outstanding performance, both hitting centuries, which greatly contributed to Gujarat Titans achieving a score of over 200 runs.

Shubman Gill Fourth IPL Century and Sai Sudharsan Maiden IPL Century

CSK won the toss and decided to bowl first. This decision put the pressure on Gujarat Titans, but it was met with fierce batting prowess from Sudharsan and Gill.

Shubman Gill, known for his batting prowess, showed his class once again against CSK by scoring his fourth IPL century. He reached this milestone in just 50 balls, displaying remarkable skill and precision. Shubman Gill hit 9 fours and 6 sixes for his 104 runs.

Sai Sudharsan, in his IPL 2024 season, made a significant mark by hitting his maiden IPL century on the same day and in the same innings. Sudharsan’s century came in just 50 balls as well, showing his potential and capability as a batsman. he scored 103 runs in just 50 balls. He hit 5 fours and 7 sixes for his 103 runs.


The partnership between Gill and Sudharsan not only boosted the morale of the Gujarat Titans but also stunned the CSK bowlers and fans alike. Their incredible batting display led Gujarat Titans to a formidable total, setting the stage for an exciting match.

This outstanding performance by Sai Sudharsan and Shubman Gill highlights the talent and potential in the IPL and cements their positions as valuable assets for the Gujarat Titans. It’s moments like these that make IPL matches thrilling and unforgettable for cricket fans worldwide.

Their centuries contributed significantly to Gujarat Titans’ total score of 231 runs, setting a formidable target for CSK.

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